A partner which benefits hospitals making their operations simplified.


Considering operation size of healthcare institution, there are selectable versions.



Getting patient registered for OPD consultation with involved charges is quick and failsafe. Consultant notes, prescription, lab and radiology and payment receipts are integral part of this modules and also supplements data for patient history.


There are primarily two receiving ends of patients; first ER second OPD. While in very rare cases patients are referred by some hospitals and consultants for direct admission. In case of new patient, a lifetime ID i.e. MR number is issued and patient is given an admission number. Whereas, if patient comes second time and onward admission number generates. This module caters ward management, census, doctor visits, transfers along with electronic medicine, lab and radiology requisitions. Inter module integration facilitates in real time running bill and final bill upon discharge. Discharge summary and follow up plan is a part of indoor patient module.


This extends convincible benefits in fastest handling of patients with smart and efficient data sharing between all service providing centers.


Electronic requisitions are received from ward and ER or test is booked for walk-in patients. This renders great convenience to generate report through result templates for all radiology services. Revenue collection i.e. for cash paying patients and crediting in bill of indoor patient is immediate. Integration with PACS can be done.


Being an important part of hospital operations, pharmacy module integrated with main inventory and financial accounts helps in maintaining optimum level stock. Issuance to indoor patients is done through electronic requisitions without any time lag. Batch and expiry maintenance is an essential feature of this module.


Based on electronic requisition from ward, ER or OPD, test booking is made and barcode is generated initiating test processing. Interfaced with Analyzer and lab machines results are updated automatically in database of Hospital.Partners to print or publish on portal.

Purchase/Payables Managements

Integrated with inventory and financial accounts covers are supply chain processes. This module is with embedded workflow and electronic signatures like other modules.

Inventory Management

Comprehensively addresses inventory management with multiple inventory locations. This module has natural integration with pharmacy and purchase/payable modules.

Cheque Writing

Interfaced with purchase/payable and financial accounts module this module renders great benefit in automatic cheque preparation following embedded workflow and electronic signatures. This also generates various statement and reports including those for FBR.

Equipment Maintenance Management

Availability and functionality of all equipment and infrastructure is very important in a hospital environment. This module helps achieving this goal and ensure complete management of equipment and infrastructure.

Patients’ Diet Management

For better patients’ treatment, diet given as per patient condition plays an important role. This has automatic process of generating diet request for kitchen for every patient soon when patient is admitted. Diet of patient also changes automatically upon current patient condition. Predefined menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner with specific menu items makes diet dispensing very simple and easy.

Fixed Assets Management

This is a conventional module to manage fixed assets giving real-time visibility of assets within the hospital. Processes like additions and disposal of assets in maintained with complete track and history. Depreciation can be calculated as per user defined parameters in a very simple way.

Cafeteria Management

Integrated with Inventory and Financial Accounts this module manages cafeteria sales with cash collection in each shift user wise. While raw material/ingredients issued for food and items preparation is also accounted for. Cash collection is integrated with financial accounts give complete picture of cafeteria performance.

Financial Accounts

All financial transactions occurring through different modules are synchronized automatically giving real-time financial position in a very convenient manner. This module has a very comprehensive reporting covering every area including cost centers, sub cost centers with routing and management information.

File Tracking

Despite being paperless or less paper environment in a hospital, there are certain papers like consent form, declaration form, admission form etc. have legal value and require to be kept in hardcopy form in a file. Such files are moved from one location to other location and tracking of these files are imperative for record keeping and legal purposes. With embedded feature of bar and QR code, file movement can be tracked in a foolproof manner.

Hospital.Partners – Salient Features

  • Cash and Pharmacy Batch Close and fool proof mechanism of cash collection
  • Work Order
  • Validation of bill received against Purchase Order or Work Order
  • Automatic Application of Cost and Charges in Patient Bills
  • Automatic Running & Final Bill
  • Inter module integration including financial accounts
  • Patient History
  • Security Management and definable access rights for users
  • Users’ log
  • Dashboard